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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Reduced Prices

My front room is starting to look like a furniture store, and it's just about killing me, so it's time to drop some prices. Remember this hutch I just did? It is MASSIVE, and is taking up entirely too much space in my already-overcrowded front room. What? Put it in the garage, you say? I would, except I already have this hutch in there. (Can you tell I have a hutch problem/fetish/obsession?) So one or both have got to go stat. (Preferably both.) For the first time in Five to Nine history, I am drastically dropping the price of a hutch after just a few days, mainly because I want it out of my front room.

This hutch is now $525: ($100 price drop!)

This hutch is now $250:

This chalkboard is now $25:
This vintage baby cradle is now $75:

This black distressed cork board is now $20:

This shabby chic headboard chalkboard is now $50:
This black distressed chalkboard with crystal knobs is now $45:
Scoop 'em up fast because they won't last long at these prices. Local pick-up only. Delivery available upon request for an additional fee. Email

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