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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Table and Chairs Update

Good news: My almost-92-year-old grandma came to visit. She is quite possibly one of my favorite people in the world.

Bad news: Needless to say, the table is progressing slowly. I'm not going to make my Friday deadline.

Good news: I was able to crank out a few quick chalkboards and memo boards: 1 black memo board with scrolls, 1 pink chalkboard, 1 black distressed vinyl sign that says, "Keep calm and carry on." (They are a lot faster to do than tables and chairs.)

Bad news: Waiting on Mr. Five to Nine to help me nail them together.

Good news: Will have a couple things posted tomorrow afternoon.

Bad news: Not the table and chairs.

More bad news: I'm not going to do the boutique after all as previously published!

Good news: My friends are still going to do it. AND I'm going to do one later in April. Double good news.


  1. Good news: I liked this post a lot. It's nice to see some of your real personality coming through.

    Although I'm surprised you posted a picture with your and your husband's faces. All things considered. Though it is an amazing photo. (Though you need to buy a better camera.)

  2. p.s. What font is this? I really like it.


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