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Monday, March 28, 2011

Before and After: Periwinkle Chalkboard

Remember this periwinkle chalkboard? It's just bugging me. The glaze helped, but it still needed something...more. I put it in my front room for a few days and looked at it every time I walked past. Then I realized. Of course! Whenever in doubt, put a flower on it! And of course, if one flower is good, eight are even better! May I present the newly refurbished periwinkle chalkboard. Here's the before (pre-glazed):
Here's the during (glazed):
And here's the after (with flowers):
I thought about clustering the flowers at the top , and I still may do that with another chalkboard, but the message board idea just worked a little better for this piece. For sale is a whimsical periwinkle chalkboard that has been painted, distressed, and glazed. It is adorned with eight fabric flowers, three of which have clothespins to display pictures. The dimensions are 27" x 21"x 1.5". $52. Local pick-up only. Delivery available upon request for an additional fee. Email

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