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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fauxtique Update and Two Before and Afters

Here are a few more before and after shots. Before:
Price this weekend will be $275.


I really like the detail on this one. It might have to take up residence in my house. Price this weekend will be $425.
This mantle was handcrafted and is amazing! I may take the scroll off and paint it black and then distress it. Price this weekend will be $275.
This scrolly bench needs a couple good coats of black. Price this weekend will be $155.

This black distressed magnetic chalkboard is really big. It will come with a couple of magnets. Price will be $85.
This creamy white magnetic chalkboard door is also really big. It is very heavy and would be difficult to mount on the wall. It would also be unrealistic to use as a real door because of its weight. Price will be $135. It will come with a couple of magnets as well.

This sweet pea pink glazed magnet board will also come with several magnets. Price will be $55.
This mint green sewing table could also function as a night stand or an end table. There is no sewing machine included. Price will be $75.

And last but not least, this creamy white oval mirror has been lightly distressed and will be $65.

Time to head out and work on more things. I'm still planning on having some vintage windows, a black chalkboard door, a couple other pairs of black shutters with crystal knobs, a white chicken wire frame... And the list goes on. Tune in later today or tomorrow for another update. And remember. The fauxtique is this Saturday from 8 a.m.-noon. You're not going to want to miss it!

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