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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Post wherein I Lament the Fact that I Still Do Not Have a Daughter (A.K.A. Vintage Vanity, Headboard, & Footboard)

I am dying--DYING--that I don't have a daughter. Really. Really??? Just look at this set:I nearly peed my pants when I saw it. I barely had the truck in park before I grabbed my wallet and literally jumped out of it to examine this little beauty.
I am very seriously tempted to hang on to this for, oh, I don't know, 10-15 years until I actually might produce a daughter who might possibly be old enough to use this set.
Sadly (for me), Mr. Five to Nine likes having room in our garage for important things like cars, and refuses to devote any more space to my furniture obsession.

For sale is a darling vintage set circa 1902 that is composed of a desk/vanity, a mirror, a full headboard, and a full footboard. This adorable set is in good, not perfect, condition; there are some minor scuffs and bumps on it that do not impact the overall beauty of the piece. There is a small gouge on the left leg of the headboard. (Reference pictures. Price has been adjusted accordingly.) The prices with measurements are as follows:

-Vanity with Mirror: 44" wide x 19" deep x 68" high ($150)
-Headboard: 56" wide x 53" high
-Footboard: 56" wide x 46" high ($95 for headboard and footboard)

-Total: $245

-Total if purchased together: $235

Local pick up in Mesa, AZ only. Delivery available upon request for an additional fee. Cash or credit/debit* accepted. Email

(*All credit/debit transactions will be charged a 3% fee.)


  1. I want it. I will get back to you if I am able to convince my husband...
    Sherri Romney

  2. Can you tell me how high the vanity is from table-top to floor? Thanks!

  3. Lindsay,

    I'm so sorry but the set just sold.

  4. do not lament too much.. in all likelyhood your daughter would not want it anyway. I did the same thing... tried to get my daughter to like a Snow White vanity set.. .. well we sold it about a year ago.. I wanted it way more than she ever did.. ..ahah to like what your mother likes... now way.. lol..


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