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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Before & After: Another Black Bench

Remember this beauty?  The one that has been sitting on my porch for the last YEAR???
I never thought I'd say this, but now I'm actually glad that it took Mr. Five to Nine so long to make it.  Otherwise I would have sold it and then I wouldn't have it for my boys' room.
 Here's the after:

 It's the perfect accent for this room.
My boys and I read bedtime stories on it at night.  It helps keep them contained and separated so they don't fight.  Well, they still fight.  But it keeps the fighting to a minimum.  Kind of.
And because I have worked my tail off to get this room done, here's a peak at the rest of it:
This bookcase was a big splurge, but I love it!  It's the perfect accent piece for this room.

Want a run down on where I got everything?

-Wall color: It is FANTASTIC.  I struggle with grays, but this one couldn't be more perfect.  It's called SLATE by Restoration Hardware and it is spectacular.  It's actually a muddier, darker gray than it looks in the pictures.
-Headboards & footboards: Furniture Plus (LOVE them!  They were here in less than two weeks and are very sturdy and affordable.)
-Bookcase: Cost Plus World Market
-Striped bedding & throws: Target or West Elm (Target is cheaper and they are great quality.  We've had them a couple months and believe me, my two crazy boys have put them to the test.  They wash really well, too.)
 -Chalkboards: Home Goods
-Birthday plaques: Homemade (The numbers came from Hobby Lobby.  The tacks are roofing tacks from Home Depot.)
-Subway art: Marshalls
-Pillows on bench: Homemade  (Don't look closely.  I'm no seamstress.  The fabric came from Hobby Lobby.)
-Chevron pillow on bed: Etsy store.  I can't remember which one, but I have a friend who now sells the exact same thing.  They are very affordable and well made.  Visit her here: Etsy by Betsey.  And she's local here in Mesa, so if you're stopping by to pick up a chalkboard she's just around the corner.
(I especially love her table runners and custom minky baby blankets.  Baby #3 needs one, don't you think?)
-Industrial pillows on bed: Restoration Hardware (Another splurge, but I could not find them anywhere else.  And they are just so charming.  I couldn't help myself.  I tend to spend a little more than normal when I'm nesting.  Mr. Five to Nine LOVES it, let me tell you.)
-Clock: Target (It is now discontinued which is such a shame.  My boys broke the hands awhile back, but I haven't been able to get rid of it because I love the style.)
-Initials and hanging thing above bed (Yes, that's the technical term for it.  I have no idea what it's actually called.  Hanging thing works for me.): Hobby Lobby
-Moulding work (I.e.: King crown, base, window casing, & closet): Mr. Five to Nine & our friend over at A.B. Davis (Mr. Five to Nine is not for hire.  Sorry.  I can barely coerce him into getting my projects done.  But A.B. Davis is and they are superb.  The head carpenter is a good friend of ours and does amazing work.  He fast, efficient, excellent, and affordable.)

Oh, I almost forgot!  Just for fun, here's the room before:

I spent way too much on it, but it was worth it!  Now my boys will have a room they can grow in to for years to come.


  1. Adell Marie. I am obsessed! Great job...better than great...AMAZING. It looks so good. And I sort of wish I could buy something from you soon because I want to see how cute your pregnant self is right now. Hope you're doing great! This room is adorable.

  2. Janae Marie!

    Awww... Thanks for the compliments. You're so sweet. My pregnant self is LARGE. Very large. I'm bordering on extremely uncomfortable and miserable. But just a couple more weeks. Thanks for still reading!! You're so sweet.

  3. Adell, it is amazing! I love it so much. Can you please come decorate my entire house someday? Question:no dresser? Are all their clothes in the closet? Good job, and now you may go have your baby girl and text me a picture...can't wait! I will be there at Thanksgiving, and plan on seeing you!

  4. Mikelle Bell!

    Thanks so much!! I worked really hard on it to get it all ready. I would love to come decorate your house, but I'm sure it already looks great. You have really good taste.

    No dresser. I debated back and forth for a long time and then decided against it. Since we're going to be in this house for quite awhile (probably) and since we are running out of space, their room has to be a playroom and a bedroom in one, and I just didn't have space for it. So instead I opted for the captain's beds that have the drawers underneath. I keep their pjs, underwear/diapers (Ben is still not potty trained), socks, etc. in there. Clint rebuilt the shelving in the closet so that there are cubby holes in the middle for shoes, toys, puzzles, and games, and on either side there are two shelves for clothes: the top is for shirts and the bottom is for shorts/pants. Then I have space on the floor under the clothes for totes that have Legos, blocks, and trains. It's a pretty efficient set up and works well so far. I should have taken a picture of that. It turned out really good. Remind me when you come to see it.

    Can't wait to see you Thanksgiving!!! This time we have to make time to let the kids play. I want to see your kids, and I know Pres would love playing with Jaxson again. Let's call Janae and all of you come over so we can visit. We'll send the kids out back for a picnic.


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