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Friday, May 25, 2012

TV Stand/Buffet Update

Remember how I posted about this last week?
Ummm... It's still not done. We have been fighting the flu over here at Five to Nine. Now that it has sufficiently made the rounds and we are on the road to recovery, I'm going to try to take another stab at it this weekend. I've received a plethora of emails, calls, and texts requesting that I do this a fun color, so I just might be brave and give it a try. I must warn you all, though. If I do it a funky color and it doesn't sell I may just end up painting everything white and black from now on. :)

Anyway, stay tuned. I am trying to bribe Mr. Five to Nine into helping me spray it tomorrow (Saturday) so it can dry Sunday and then I'll distress it Monday. If all goes as planned I'll post a few pictures of it painted Saturday afternoon.

I also had a few people ask about the specifics on it. It measures 64" wide x 24" deep x 42" high and the price will be around $350 (give or take). I will either switch out the hardware or paint it. I'm not sure yet on that. As for color, I'm leaning towards a peacock blue like this:
...a mustard yellow like this:
...or an emerald jade like this:
Feel free to weigh in on your color choice if you'd like.


  1. If you decide emerald jade I'll be first in line to take it off your hands!! LOVE!

  2. i vote yellow to go with my kitchen!

  3. If you do any desks or tables in jade, I will buy it in a heartbeat!!!


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