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Monday, May 28, 2012

Before & During: Hutch & TV Stand

Well, I lied. I folded and painted the TV stand black after all. There were a bunch of reasons why and I'll spare you the boring details, but it boiled down to black again. I promise someday I will get the courage to paint a bigger piece a fun color. For now I'm a wimp and am sticking to what I know sells. Boring, I know. Anyway, Mr. Five to Nine ended up working most of the weekend, so we didn't get it sprayed until today. Here's the before:
And here's the during:

Awful pictures, I know, but you get the idea. I did this one a semi-gloss black and plan on lightly distressing it tomorrow. I went ahead and kept the original hardware on this one but painted it black.
And in other news, look at this beauty I ran across this weekend during my furniture hunting:

Again, bad pictures but we painted this one black as well. For the backing we did a mustard yellow damask print instead of wainscoting. This piece will also get a light distressing tomorrow.
And since we had a bit of paint left in the sprayer, we gave this little hexagon table a couple of quick coats of black semi-gloss. It will also get a light distressing tomorrow.

If my kids cooperate and all goes as planned, I will post some after pictures tomorrow. The TV stand will be $350, the night stand will be $35, and I'm still not sure on pricing for the hutch yet.

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