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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Wedding Post

Sorry I've been absent lately, folks. I've been busy working on the wedding I wrote about a few weeks ago. I thought I'd show some pictures of the (semi) finished product. Here's what my pile started out as:

My garage was driving me crazy! There was so much in it I could hardly park my car.
And here's what it looks like now:The walkway...

There will be lights and tulle strung from these hooks along with some pinwheels interspersed throughout.
The sign in table. (With a pile of junk behind it that I didn't see until I was editing this picture. Oh well. Imagine it without the junk that I forgot to move.)
I'm kind of in love with this love sign. A lot. I made it out of an old pallet. I highly recommend NOT going that route if you decide to make one. While it was cheaper (free because I had the pallet and the left over moulding), it took me gobs and gobs of time. Hours, actually. I had to pull apart pieces of the pallet, cut them down, restaple them, yadda, yadda, yadda. It would have been much faster (albeit more expensive) to follow My Dear Trash's super easy tutorial. (Theirs is actually pretty cheap. But cheap is not free, so I went the pallet route. I'm telling you. Not worth it. Spend the $20 and save yourself four hours. Truly.) And the end result would have been a much better backing than an ugly pallet back with gross nails and staples sticking out all over the place. Oh well. We were on a shoestring budget, it turned out fine, and it was free to make. And since the back looks so horrid I can't bring myself to sell it. Guess I'll have to save it. Too bad...

Also, imagine this cool canopy with a fabric banner border, lights in the middle and outside, fabric draped around the beams and...
Chandeliers!! On all four sides! It's going to be beautiful, but I ran out of time today. The mother of the groom and her crew will finish it up tonight/tomorrow.
Anyway, it's not all the way done, and pardon the awful, overexposed pictures; my one year old had had enough wedding decorating and was ready to leave, so I just snapped a few quick shots. Most of what you see will be going up for sale next week. Probably Thursday or Friday. Until then, I'm going to kick back, drink some Crystal Light, and vegetate in front of the TV for awhile. A good long while. :) I won't be checking email or answering calls/texts until then. Check back the end of next week, though. I promise to have an abundance of new items posted.


  1. Stunning! Looking forward to the "for sale" postings!

  2. beautiful! I need, need, need that yellow desk. PLEASE tell me its for sale!!

  3. Laura,

    Thanks for your kind words! The desk, unfortunately, is not mine to sell. It is the mother of the groom's desk. I'll ask if she's interested in selling it.


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