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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Before: Swirly Bench

Want to see what Mr. Five to Nine came home with the other day?
The man has been trained well! This is going to be the next bench over here at Five to Nine. It reminds me a lot of this one that I still haven't been able to part with:

I've tried and tried to figure out where in my house I can put another bench, but I guess three is my limit. Too bad for me, but lucky for all those of you out there who have been asking when the next black bench is coming. Yep, you heard right. This next one is going to be black distressed with arm rests and finials at the end. I have no idea when it will be done; that depends entirely on Mr. Five to Nine because he's the carpenter. (I can get it primed, caulked, painted, and distressed in less than two hours...) I will try to move the process along. Let's shoot for next week some time, shall we? I'm not sure what the price is going to be... Somewhere in the three hundreds. We'll see how good (or bad) it turns out. And check back in the next few days for an update. I hope I have something more to show you... (Fingers crossed.)

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