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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Before & After: Dr. Seuss Bench

It's done, it's done, it's done! I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Here's the before:
Not a fan of the shell design...

The during...
And the after!!
Mr. Five to Nine really outdid himself this time. Just look at what an awesome bench he made!!!
I am in love.
No more shell designs on the top nor on the sides:
Whew! That was definitely the most time-consuming, labor-intensive, cost-inducing bench I've ever done. But it's worth it! I am very, very sorry, but this one is not for sale. I can't part with it until I find something I love equally or more. I'll let you know when (if) that ever happens.
P.S.: This post is being linked to Archives' of Our Lives' Saturday Steals. Check it out here. Also, be sure to read previous posts. This is my sister's blog, and she is quite the writer. Watch out, Stephenie Meyers. Seriously.


  1. That looks really good! I love how he made the side pieces scrolly instead of straight. Good job, and thanks for linking up!

  2. Amazing! Love it!

  3. Wow...this is an AMAZING transformation! No wonder you are in love, who wouldn't be?! Great job!

  4. This is beautiful!!! My husband wants to know what type of paint you use (we're getting ready to paint a china cabinet/table/chairs in black).

  5. Uptown Frog,

    Thanks for the compliment! I painted this a generic flat black from Benjamin Moore. I sprayed some of it, rolled some of it, and dry brushed some of it. I sealed it with several layers of Kilz primer first. Good luck!

  6. This paint/primer would work for the china cabinet/hutch similar to the one you did in February? I couldn't tell if you used primer on that particular piece. I've told several people about your blog here and they've all been so impressed. :) So glad you share.

  7. Yep. I used the same method for that hutch. Thanks for spreading the word! I appreciate the support!! Happy to help.


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