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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Reduced Prices: Rustic Pine Dresser & Bookcase

We are doing some shifting around here at Five to Nine due to the upcoming arrival of our newest family member, namely baby #3. That means this charming pine set that I posted a few days ago is getting the boot because there just isn't enough room for it, another bed, and another kid all in one room. (My two older boys will be sharing and the baby will get the nursery.) The room just got painted today, and is now waiting the arrival of two twin beds. In the meantime, the dresser and bookcase have been kicked out, thanks to an anal retentive Mr. Five to Nine who is convinced that if we waited to take them out after the room had been painted we would surely chip some of the new paint. I really am too tired to try to cram space for them into my already-packed garage, which means I'm dropping the price on these two to the lowest I am willing to go. (If they don't sell, then I'll buck up and make some space in the garage and break out the paint sprayer next week. Have some mercy, folks. I'm seven and a half months pregnant, it's 115 degrees, and I chase around two crazy boys all day. I'm just not up to the sprayer right now. But I'll do it if I have to. After all, I still have two little boys' bedroom to decorate a.k.a. spend lots of money on. Sheesh, kids are expensive.) But I digress.

Dresser: $75
Bookcase: $65

Since the new beds haven't gotten here, I'm not itching to get rid of this one yet. So, no price drop on it yet; the price on it will stay at $150 for now. (Although if you decide you want all three pieces, I will knock the price down to $275 instead of $295. My oldest can sleep on an air mattress until his bed gets here. Mother of the year right here.) For dimensions and additional information about this set, click here. As usual, you know the drill...

Cash or credit/debit* accepted. Local pick up in Mesa, AZ only. Email

(*All credit/debit transactions will be charged a 3% fee.)

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