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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fauxtique Update: Part I

I've had several people email, call, and text about the sale this weekend wondering if it's still a go. Yep, I'm still planning on it. I've been going into a hyperdrive frenzy and keep bringing home more and more furniture. I don't think I'll be able to get it all done in time, which is good because I'll just set it out as is for a lower price. But don't worry. There will be plenty of good stuff that will be all done up to choose from, including--but not limited--to: a white French provincial bedroom set consisting of a highboy dresser, a desk/vanity/entry table, a night stand, a full headboard and footboard, and a mirror (all pieces have been painted glossy white and have been lightly distressed); the pub-style kitchen table and 4 chairs with a bench (black distressed); a plethora of nick knacks (I.e.: a rustic star, an old laundry scrubber, a vintage pulley, an old doctor's bag); a coordinating crib and changing table/dresser; lots of chicken wire frames in varying sizes, shapes, and colors; and ditto with chalkboards. I'm still trying to get Mr. Five to Nine to do this bench:
We will see, though. Anyway, as promised, no fancy Photoshop invite. Just words. So here's the info:

The Backyard Boutique by Five to Nine Furnishings

cordially invites you to a semi-annual (maybe)



19 November 2011

8 a.m.-Noon

Location to be announced on Friday*

Remember, nothing fancy. Don't set your expectations too high. No fancy tags, no food, no clearing out my house, no additional vendors...Well, except for Juniper's Loft who will set up her own shop across the street. Anyway, I'm probably going to scale back posting quite a bit this week so I can focus all my time and energy on getting lots of good items ready for sale. I'll do an update every other day or so on some of the things I've finished. And Friday before noon I'll post a good sneak peak with pictures and the exact location. It's going to be good! Mark your calendars...

(*It will be at my house in the front yard, for those of you who have bought from me before and know where I live. I just hesitate broadcasting my address on the Internet too soon...)


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