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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Mothers' Day Presents

It's another crazy week over here at Five to Nine, so the quality of posting is going to have to take a back seat for awhile. I'm still working on projects, though, and especially some for Mothers' Day. Did you remember it's this Sunday? As in FIVE DAYS. For those of you who are starting to panic, have no fear! I have gifts ready and waiting for you to pick up, and they range from $15-$115. See for yourself:
Black Distressed Chalkboards
(L-R) $30, $25, $22

Vintage Window/Mirror and Chalkboards
(L-R) $35, $15, $15

Sugarboo Box Frames
3 available, $115 each

And my lovely friends over at Orange Blossom Shop have these beautiful frames for sale:
From left to right: The "Cooper" Circular frame in pink 8x8, the "Aly" 16x20 in black, the Cooper 11x14 in Aqua blue.
The prices are as follows:
5x7 $25
8x8 $40
8x10 $40
11x14 $65
16x20 $90

Jenny from Juniper's Loft has these great magnet boards for sale:
$65 each

The best part is we all live near each other, so you can easily swing in to each location and get your beautiful, handcrafted gift today. Email for additional information.

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