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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Antique Trunks

I have run across a lot of really cool items in my furniture hunting the past two years, but I think these are the coolest I've ever found. Take a look:Upon first glance they don't look too different than other trunks I've posted here in the past. But when you know the history behind them they jump to life.
I bought these today from a war veteran who fought in the Korean War. He said this trunk below was his companion throughout the entire war. Inside it even still has a part of the original packing instructions, and on the bottom there's an old newspaper from 1974 lining it.

It's hard to see but that silver medallion in the middle actually says 1946.

As if that wasn't cool enough, he went on to tell me how this black trunk was his great-grandpa's. He said he's had it for decades and that it was made at the turn of the century. As in the 1900s.
I admit that I had my doubts, but when I opened it and saw this I believed him.
Just look at that writing! How cool is this?

Hurry and snatch these up, folks. I don't really have room for them in my house, but the more I look at them the more I want to get rid of a night stand or a bed or kitchen table so that I have room for these and their cool stories. I wish they could talk and tell their stories...

For sale are two vintage trunks. The green and cream colored one measures 32" wide x 16" deep x 13" high and was originally purchased for a soldier in the Korean War. The black one measures 31" wide x 16" deep x 11" high and was purchased in the early 1900s. $65 each or $120 for the pair. Local pick up in Mesa, AZ only. Cash or credit/debit* accepted. Email

(*All credit/debit transactions will be charged a 3% fee.)


  1. Very Cool...I'm sure they'll sell quickly. Thanks for sharing the stories behind them. ~ Judy

  2. I will take both if still available. or 480.8248889


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